A Blog is Born.

CHEERS! Hey everyone and welcome to the twittens blog! Let's be clear - I'm actually writing this weeks (if not months) before the actual site will be published, mostly because I need something to work on while the actual twittens are being manufactured so I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm even putting a blog on here - but I like to type and on occasion I may have some actual news about the world of twittens. I'm seems a little unlikely but if nothing else if will give me another thing that I will never get around to doing. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. Anyways, let's just get some basic stuff out of the way up front, shall we?

Who are you and what exactly are you doing?

It's a fair question, my actual name is Lincoln but since you are reading this on the internet you more likely know me as Canucklehead. In general, I'm trying to start a business called twittens, which are basically, well- you've probably already seen by now, but basically they are a glove that I wanted to make my life a little easier. I made them for texting and iPod usage, but clearly there are 100's of different uses. More specifically to this section, I wanted a place to share news, talk about upcoming promotions and other things. For example, I'd like to link up with a number of charities with the idea that at certain times of the year a portion of the proceeds will go to that charity. twittens is still in it's infancy stages but that is something I will be working on. My hope and goal will also be to partner with different companies and such to offer unique offerings from time to time .., anyway, stick with me and if any of this comes to fruition you'll find out about it here.

Will you be blogging every day?

Oh heavens no! I actually have an actual blog and I don't even blog there every week. I'm not really here to tell you about my day, but I will post from time to time to answer questions or give news. I hope this place has a community vibe to it, but seeing as it is not even online yet - well, time will tell. If I know me, I'll post here a bunch at first, and then less often as time goes on.

What will the posts be about exactly?

Not to worry, this will almost certainly be unlike any blog you've seen associated with a company or product before. Sure, I'll share information about new developments from time to time. The truth is I'm not really here to sell you on twittens, I mean - you're already here right? I do hope that I'll have a reason to share successes with you, if and when they ever happen. I'll also have contests from time to time, hopefully ones that will involve all of you to interacting with me, if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise, at least at first - I'm thinking of covering the following topics...

twittens news: I like this idea. I think twittens are great. To be honest, everyone I tell about the idea seems to think so as well. As a result, I'm hoping their are bright days ahead for my little endeavour here and if that happens, well - you can be sure to find out about it here. Being so early on, it is hard to say exactly what this will include, but I hope and trust it will be good news.

twittens tips: Even though I intended these for texting, I'm now seeing that I'm only scratching the surface on how people will actually use them. It seems everyone I talk to is planning to use them for something different, well - as long as you don't include the 70% that plan on using them for the exact same thing. Right away I though of people with iPods & IPads, photographers, nose-pickers, pot-smokers, hunters, construction workers, people who have to handle money outdoors, fisherman, maybe blind people reading braille and well, a few more. That being said, if you're using twittens in a way I may not have thought of, let me know and I'll write about it here. Actually, send me a picture or video and that would be even better. In fact, I can almost already see a future contest.

special offers: Seeing that the time of writing I have yet to actually even see a pair of the finished product, it seems a little hard to imagine but I assume their will be sales and stuff that do happen on occasion. Perhaps more importantly, those who know me know that I am deeply committed to charity work and my hope is to partner with businesses, charities and academic institutions on offers that will see a portion of the proceeds go to worthwhile causes. Once again, stay tuned.

How will I know when new posts are here?

Oh, for cryin' out loud! Are you really THAT interested? It's really quite simple grandma - subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll be automatically notified the moment I hit the publish button. See that little orange box on the left hand side there - yeah, it says 'Subscribe to twittens'? Yeah, click that and ... well, whatever it says next.

How can I leave feedback?

Absolutely! I enabled comments here for a reason. I want to hear from you, good or bad so twittens will evolve and get better over time. I actually think that most posts here will involve me replying to the comments I correspondence I get. Speaking of which, I encourage you to contact me anytime and I'll get back to you for sure. That's really why I'm here!

Got something to tell me but don't want to share it? Now you're talking!. Send me a note via the contact page. I promise not to talk about it here unless it's clear that was your intention to begin with -- or at the very least discuss it with you first. Hey man, we're cool.

OK - well, I think that's it for now. Thanks for coming by and please consider picking up a pair (or 10) of twittens on your way out. Well, once they are available of course. CHEERS!

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