I love it ...

... when a plan comes together! I have to tell you that I'm happier than a hobo at a ham sandwich reunion right now. As you can see from the picture below - well, I've finally got my hands on the final product. Don't I look happy?


Boy, I sure do. Anyway, this development thing takes a LOT longer then I thought - so I'm certainly sorry to keep you waiting. I still have some final details to work out with the manufacturer but the good news is that I do expect to have the online store up and running before the snow flies. Although I suppose this is pretty dependent on where exactly you live. Still, I've said it before, but really - very soon this time.

The upside of course is that while I have not being doing much around here - I have been busy. There are a few media outlets that will be covering twittens shortly, maybe some stores interested in carrying them - heck, I've even got a few orders waiting to be filled. This is good time for me. I'm still not sure exactly how its all going to work out yet - but the future is looking bright enough that I've taken to wearing shades 24/7 - just to be safe.

I am backat school now, as well as Movember is coming (of which I'm on local organizing comittee - but more on that later) and overall this is just a really busy time for me. Still, at this point twittens are my number #1 priority. Thanks for coming by - if you are looking to buy a pair (or 10) - all I can say is stop back soon and you won't be disappointed. All the best and back in touch shortly.


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