The Prototype is here

April 19, 2010 - a historic day here at twittens HQ. The first prototype has arrived and we could not be happier. Sure, there is a few small changes to be made and LOTS of work yet to be done - but it is a huge step. I've now included a few picture on the Home page - go on over and have a look! I tell you what - here's a picture of me trying on the first pair ever-- don't I look delighted? 


Okay, not really. In my defense I'm fighting a cold right now and actually had no idea that the picture was about to be taken. I guess I could have asked the Mrs. to retake it -- but, well, it kind of makes me laugh. So there you have it -- now you can all finally see what I've been so excited about all this time. Hopefully you're excited as well, but it is certainly okay if you're not. Anyway, it will still be some time before you'll actually see these available for purchase anywhere - but progress is being made. The focus in the immediate future will be trying to get these stocked in a store near you - so by all means head on down to the store nearest you and ask for them. Loudly and often. Okay, that's all for now - I just had to share but now its time for some much needed medicine and sleep. Thanks for coming by and all the best!

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