twittens 2.0

It's been a while since my last update. My apologies - but to be perfectly honest it was completely out of my hands!

The second prototype has been a long time coming - and while I've yet to see them with my own eyes, I did receive these in an email earlier today with a note they were en route:




Consider this a sneek-peak just for dropping by! I know its a little hard to tell from this size - but I really am happy with them. What do you think? Please let me know below ...

Anyway, due to delays my business plan has changed quite extensively but at least it appears we are back on track! I hope to have a quantity available shortly and will be offering them for sale online hopefully some time next month. I think its simply too late in the season to approach any major retailers - but I will see what I can do as soon as I have them - all this provided the new prototype is as awesome as these pictures suggest. Of course, I am a little biased.

Anyway - stay tuned and know that we are working hard in our little corner of the world to provide all of you with "gloves for the text generation." Stay warm, happy texting and CHEERS!

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